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We focus on the school syllabus to build the skills and knowledge your child needs to succeed and improve academically.

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About Linda

Subject: Mathematics
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
University: University of New South Wales

Linda graduated from high school receiving the Minister’s Award for Excellence with a scholarship for Secondary Mathematics Teaching. She completed a double degree in Mathematics and Education at the University of New South Wales whilst undertaking a Great Teaching and Inspired Learning Cadetship with the Department of Education.

In 2017 Linda received a Teaching Award at the Ultimo Directorate Principals Network Awards and in 2018 was awarded the Public Education Foundation’s Teaching Scholarship. Today, she is the founder of Illuminate Tuition and a High School Mathematics teacher in the Macarthur Region with tutoring experience of over 10 years. She absolutely loves being an educator and inspiring her students to improve their mathematical confidence and abilities!

Linda's study tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Talk to your teachers, friends and fellow peers if you’re stuck on something!
  2. Be organised! Have your notes and all other learning material organised and create your own notes and flash cards.
  3. Manage your time! In a small notepad, write down your goals for each day and challenge yourself to complete them!
  4. Setup a space to study in. It is important to have a distraction-free, comfortable and tidy space dedicated to studying!
  5. Have faith in your abilities!

About Angela

Subjects: Junior Science & Chemistry
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering, Masters of Biomedical Engineering
University: University of New South Wales

Angela is working as an engineer at a Biomedical company. Previously, she studied materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering at UNSW for 5 years. Science and engineering have always complemented her well. Angela enjoys deep diving and understanding why things are the way they are, and when there are problems to solve, she enjoys the challenge of creating solutions or trying to make things better! Angela encourages all students to learn STEM subjects, and has found that teaching it is a great way to do this! There are many skills you can learn and many opportunities that can come from it! Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the gym and getting artistic!

Angela's study tips:

  1. Plan and be real about it – When you have a bunch of assessments all due in the same week or a long to-do list, it can be overwhelming thinking about how you are going to get it all complete. I like to break down the tasks into smaller chunks and realistically (this is crucial!)assess how long it will take. This tends to make large, daunting tasks seem less stressful. You can tick off small items off your list and feel more accomplished!
  2. Sleep is very important – I am guilty of pulling all-nighters before exams, and retrospectively, I don’t encourage it. Especially when you have another exam to study for after, you can easily crash, feel burn out and that will affect how you study for the next exam. Did you know that your brain needs sleep in order to remember what you learnt during the day? Sleep deprivation is not helpful for learning and memory. So make sleep a good study habit!
  3. Just do it and start – I have found that getting started on an assignment, project or goal is usually the hardest hurdle! Yes, it is can be daunting committing to it, but honestly, it’s always ends up being so much easier than what the anxiety built it up to be. I like to try start small to get me motivated. For example, just researching five to ten websites related to your topic is a start. You don’t even have to read them, just google and list them! Otherwise, I also find talking about the assignment to a mentor, friend or parent, is great for clarity and overcoming the nerves!
  4. Learn to prioritise – When you have a part-time job or sports training and a huge exam coming up, you can either be extremely great at time-management and be able to juggle them all, or you will have to prioritise the ones that are more important! If it is very important to you, it might help to talk to your manager about making up for the shift after your exams are complete or putting in sometime during lunch period to work on your assignment.
  5. Think about the big picture to motivate you – Knowing where you want to be in the future, will help you make the right decisions for you and motivate you to work hard! Reap what you sow and create your own destiny!

About Tiahn

Subjects: English & Mathematics
Bachelor of Primary Education
University of Wollongong

Tiahn is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Wollongong. Her decision to study primary teaching has been greatly influenced by the teachers that she’s had both in primary and high school. Tiahn loves that everyday is a different day as a teacher. She believes that helping others realise their potential is so important as a tutor and loves the idea of helping others to achieve their personal best especially when they have their “light bulb moment.” Outside of teaching you’ll find Tiahn playing or coaching hockey.

Tiahn's study tips:

  1. Workout how you like to learn. I prefer to hand write notes and them read them aloud to myself
  2. Write a to do list in order of priority if you can’t stick to a timetable.
  3. If you have a phone – turn it off and put it on the other side of the room to limit temptation.
  4. If you are stuck on a concept, move onto something else and come back to it – you will be able to look at the concept in a different way once you get back to it.
  5. Give yourself plenty of breaks, but avoid using your phone during these breaks.

About Dylan

Subjects: Mathematics
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)Bachelor of Primary Education
Western Sydney University

Dylan is kind, humble and compassionate, he loves learning about new things and especially maths! Dylan loves teaching as he enjoys supporting others learning in a fun, interactive style.

Dylan's study tips:

  1. Stay organised!
  2. Make sure to balance study, work and free time.
  3. Write down notes - yes even for maths!
  4. Keep revising and practice - practice makes perfect!
  5. Do plenty of exam papers and style questions in the lead up to any quizzes or examinations.



What our students & parents are saying!

Tise Cocker

Linda has been tutoring me since I was in Year 5. I am now in Year 11, and she has always been such a great teacher since. I have lessons with her once a week. She’s never hesitant. She does what she can do to help me overcome the amount of math work that is expected to be complete for school. She also helps me study and create notes for when I have tests/exams around the corner. I have achieved great marks and am so happy with my progress over the 7 years she has worked with me. When I don’t understand a question or how to solve problems or to find a solution or the answers, Linda explains it all step by step thoroughly. She is a keen, diligent, enthusiastic, yet a very hard-working tutor who is determined to work with students who are struggling with maths and to help them improve for the better and in the future. She’s the best! No doubts! Whether you don’t understand maths overall, Linda is the one to call!

Mia Abdy

Linda was my tutor for advanced and extension 1 mathematics during year twelve. Although I was initially reluctant to get myself a maths tutor, once I began having lessons with Linda, I realised I had made the right decision. I struggled with quite a few concepts in both the extension and advanced mathematics courses, and my school teacher’s pace made it difficult to ask her questions about the things I was struggling with, because the class had usually already moved on. However, having Linda to talk to about these difficult problems made the world of difference – I went from an average of around 60 across both maths classes at the half-year, to an HSC mark of 85 in advanced mathematics, which was an enormous improvement for my standards. This result was largely due to Linda’s guidance, support, and patience as I worked through these challenges.

I am immensely grateful to Linda for her help throughout the year, because she rarely handed the answers directly to me; instead, she encouraged me to think outside the box, adopt different perspectives, or to think more critically about problems, and this almost always allowed me to find solutions on my own, assisted through her guidance. From my experience, Linda was able to explain mathematical concepts in a way that made more sense to me than my teacher or textbook, and this allowed me to grasp difficult ideas much quicker and more efficiently – she encouraged me to understand why formulae and concepts worked the way they did, rather than just accepting and memorising them, as I felt my school was encouraging us to do. Linda’s strategies enhanced both my critical thinking ability and my confidence in my maths abilities, and also piqued my interest in the subject. Previously, maths had always been a significant source of stress and anxiety, but by the end of the course I was enjoying studying and challenging myself in maths, and I completed the course with a higher result than any I had achieved in the last two years.

I would strongly recommend Linda’s tutoring services to any student in year eleven or twelve who feels they would benefit from an extra hour per week of structured maths study and learning. Her bubbly, positive attitude towards teaching creates a comfortable atmosphere of support and encouragement, and her visits were always a highlight of my week throughout year twelve.

Natasha Hennings

I approached Linda to tutor my son in Mathematics for high school as he was behind in his understanding of the subject.  She was very enthusiastic to assist and immediately was able to offer a place for him at a suitable time.  Marcus took an instant liking to Linda as she has a warm kind nature and a fun learning style that he took to straight away and he looked forward to her lessons.

When Linda first started tutoring him it was 4 weeks prior to end of years exams and she was able to teach him relevant method and formula for this where he gained a better understanding of what was required of him and it resulted in him coming 2nd in his class and passing well and truly in these exams.  He was very surprised and proud of this result and it encouraged him to focus more and he became more confident in his ability of the subject.

From here Linda continued to teach Marcus mathematics for a number of years and she always gave one thousand percent effort and patience and he benefited from her dedication and education.  I only wished she was also able to help him in English and Science which I couldn’t help but ask her!I wholly recommend Linda as a tutor teacher and or mentor if you are lucky enough to have her.

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